You probably noticed, but the basic remodeling contractor marketing plan is a complete waste of money.

Your friend the plumber can spend on Google Adwords and get plenty of phone calls – but it doesn’t work that way for remodelers.

Why aren’t traditional advertising methods as effective for your business?

Why aren’t traditional advertising methods as effective for your business?

The reason is that people shop for a remodeling contractor in a very different way than they would shop for other services like an electrician or garage door company. Someone looking to do a major remodeling job will spend months researching online and speaking with potential contractors. And this is where traditional marketing fails.

Traditional marketing only works to get a prospect’s attention one time. You pay for one click to your website. You grab their attention for a moment with an advertisement.

But it doesn’t do anything to keep people’s attention over a long period of time. And that’s exactly what you need.

Remodeling contractors need a marketing plan that will keep customer attention for the months that a buyer is doing research.

Any other type of marketing is a waste of money. And if you waste enough money you’ll go bankrupt.

In this post we’ll go over the marketing tool that you’re not using today that is costing you tons of potential customers.

It’s a tool that’s been proven to attract customers for remodeling contractors and keep their attention right up to the sale.
It’s called a Lead Magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

A Lead Magnet is a tool you use to get potential customers to opt-in for your marketing messages.

Put crudely, it’s a bribe you make to get someone’s email address.

The best Lead Magnets are:

  1. Digital – costs nothing to duplicate
  2. Relevant – only qualified buyers would want this
  3. Valuable to your potential customer

A great lead magnet gets people saying, “I want that”.










Here are some lead magnet examples for remodeling contractors:

  • Free LifeStyle Assessment Quiz – learn what home is best for you
  • Free Report: Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor
  • Free Checklist: How to Hire the Best Remodeling Contractor
  • Free Tool: The Ballpark Estimate Calculator

These lead magnets work because:

  1. They’re digital – you can offer one thousand of these reports/quizzes/checklists for the price of creating it once
  2. They’re relevant to someone interested in hiring a remodeler and
  3. They’re valuable to your potential customer – they get a customer to stop and say, “Ohhh, I want that”.

So you’ve got a great lead magnet on your website and people are signing up like crazy giving you tons of email addresses…

What comes next?

The next step is to use email to continue the marketing conversation.
Email marketing is kind of like dating.


You get someone on one date (one email message) and you let them know a bit about yourself. You go on a couple more dates (more email messages) and you can slowly start building a relationship.

After enough of this dating stuff you can hitched (ask for a sale).

Email is the way you can stay on top of your prospects mind and, over time, make your company the logical choice.

Your email messages should include: testimonials, educational materials, and entertainment.


Traditional marketing doesn’t work if you have a sales cycle that’s months long. The only thing traditional marketing is good for is grabbing someone’s attention once.

As a remodeling contractor you want to begin a conversation with your prospects. You want to open up a dialogue with them and get them to anticipate the marketing messages you send.

The absolute best channel to do this is through email. Email is cheap. It allows all sorts of multimedia and has a high level of engagement. How often do you check your email everyday?

The first step is a Lead Magnet: a digital bribe that your prospects will jump at.

See you at the top!