What people don’t understand about SEO

Sometimes, I just want to shout, “You’re doing it wrong!”.

There’s nothing worse out there than seeing somebody who’s working so hard: they’re grinding, they’ve got discipline, they’re dedicated but it’s just not working out for them because they’re doing the wrong things.

I see this happen time and time again when it comes to blogging and their content strategy. People are told over and over again that content is king, that all they need to do is produce great content and that’s going to win, but that is not true.

SEO has two essential ingredients:

  1. Content on your site and
  2. Backlinks

The backlinks are that tricky thing that people really don’t have a hundred percent control over and because of that, they say:

“You know what? I can control content, I’m going to focus here. This backlink thing, I’m going to wash my hands of it.”

And it’s such a horrible mistake because if you’re spending all this time developing content, you need to figure out how to get backlinks and that’s what I’m going to help you out with in this video.

This video is really the best hack that I’ve come up with. Now, I’ve been looking at ways to come up with backlinks for years and this is the best hack that I’ve come up with. I’m just amazed at how this is helpful. So if you want a way where you can literally spend maybe 15 minutes worth of work and then automatically have people reaching out to you to give you backlinks that are niche relevant and powerful, this is going to be for you and this is really going to be mind-blowing. You guys all need to take action on this.

Guest post hook strategy

So let me show you exactly what it is. What you need to do is create a new page on your website which allows people to guest post on your blog. So all the way down here at the bottom … So all the way down here at the bottom, you’ll notice there’s a link for guest post and if you click on that link, you’re going to go to this page where it says, “Contribute a Guest Post to our Blog.”

So here’s a little SEO secret for you. A lot of times what SEO companies will do is they’ll just google, “SEO blog, guest post.” Or, “Facebook advertising, guest post.” Or, “Google AdWords, guest post.” Or if you’re in a niche, if you’re a health niche, what you can look for is something like … I don’t know, “Health blogger, guest post.” Or … Anything that’s in your niche.

Create your guest post page

So anyway, what I did was I just created this page and the reason … This is basically like a hook. I’m out here fishing for anybody who’s interested in looking to post on my site.

The idea is that they come looking at my site like, “Hey. This is a place where I’ll be able to leave a guest post.” But actually, the reason why I have this is because I want to get links onto their site. It’s a little bit tricky but this is how it works.

I create this page, this is going to take me 15 minutes to do on WordPress, “Contribute a Guest Post to our Blog” These are the different topics that we talk about. Now, I set this up way back in June and at first, it was slow and then it started building up and building up. And so since then, I probably had about 18 or 19 people reach out to me, and this is what it’ll look like.

So this is an example of a site I actually did get a link to. So I’m going to show you exactly how this email exchange goes because this is so simple anybody can really do this.

Respond to inquiries

So somebody submits that form and usually when they do that, they have a website that’s in your niche, otherwise why would they want a link from you?

Here’s an example, “Hi, this is name from company. We’re committed to providing video editing software. Now, our team has made two infographics and it’s useful. Please check them out. I was wondering if you’d be interested in posting the infographic to your site. It would be a honor to have an infographic on your site.” Well, thank you!

This is the exact response I give to everybody, “Thanks for reaching out. I’d be happy to post your infographic and link back to your site. The one thing is we require a reciprocal link from one of your sites. Let me know if that’s possible.”

Write this however you feel comfortable writing it, whatever makes sense for you. Sometimes they say, “I can’t swing it.” But a lot of times …

An interruption to talk about link schemes

So while editing this video, something occurred to me. Technically, this is definitely what you would call a link exchange and any link scheme is frowned upon by Google. So you’re in this weird no man’s land with Google sometimes where you want to play by their rules but at the same time, they are very much rewarding things that don’t play by their rules.

They don’t want you to actively have a link scheme but at the same time, the links are really, really helpful to your site. I needed to point this out.

You can find Google’s guidelines and you should read this and become aware of it. One of the things that they talk about is excessive link exchanges, link to me and I’ll link to you, which is exactly what I’m recommending you guys do here.

I think the key word here is excessive. Don’t do this hundreds of thousands of times. The other thing is that while I do recommend that it’s going to be way easier to just insert a link into an existing blog post, mix it up a little bit, create some valuable content, have things that make sense, so use your judgment.

At the end of the day, nobody really can tell. Nobody really knows what’s that number. Excessive equals 100, excessive equals 500, excessive equals 50. So make sure that you’re getting links from places where it makes sense for you to get links from and then just don’t spam. Don’t be a spammer.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

I don’t want to scare you guys with tools. There is an extra step you could do here to evaluate what’s the best page of their site.

Picking a page to backlink to your site

Typically, what I’d recommend doing is once you know you can get a link from a site. Rather than creating an article, what you can do if you just want to keep it really simple is find an existing article on their site that’s related to your niche and just say, “Hey. This is a good article, just include a link in here.” And that’s actually what I did over here. So after they said that’s fine, I just said, “Hey. Normally we get a link from an existing article. I was checking out your site, could you squeeze a link on this page?”

And so I just picked the page from their blog that seems somewhat relevant to my blog and then I said, “Hey. Squeeze it in over here. This is the link. This is anchor text that you can use.”

And long story short, we got a link.

So that was absolutely free, all I had to do was write a few emails.

I did link to them, I did share their infographic and it was a great infographic, and that’s that.

The simplest way to get backlinks

It’s the simplest way you can do it and the thing is – this goes back to the larger point – it’s not only about the content.

Creating great content is half the story but the other half is getting backlinks.

And so what I really want to do here is just give you one resource and this is a really quick thing that you can do but this is step one towards getting more and more backlinks to your site.

In further videos, we’re going to go over a bunch of other different tools that you can do but this is something that you guys really should take action on immediately.

And let me know how it goes. Put that post up, put the guest post activation or invitation page and let me know how it goes. Let me know who reached out to you.