SEO Shortcut Course

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization for Local Business

Does your local business need to get found on Google?

Does your startup have almost no marketing budget?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then this Local SEO Course is perfect for you.

Here’s the good news – Search Engine Optimization really isn’t that difficult.

Here’s the bad news – Google looks at more than 200 factors when ranking a website. Try to figure out SEO on your own and you’ll be screwed. You’ll waste all your time learning about factors #190-#200 that don’t matter as much when all you needed to know was the top 5 factors that have the biggest impact.

This course can save you thousands of dollars in SEO consulting fees if you have the time to implement.


I highly recommend Michael Tesalona without reservation. Michael has helped me with my SEO, always going above and beyond what would seem reasonable. He is patient and explains complex concepts in such a way as to make them understandable to the lay person… Michael is trustworthy, capable, intelligent, personable, easy to work with and generous with his time and contacts.

Marci Goldfarb

Owner, Law Office of Marci Goldfarb

There is a world of difference between an average SEO and an excellent SEO, and Mike embodies that difference. I can attest to the results he delivers from a number of mutual clients as well as his holistic approach. In addition to being extremely qualified at SEO, he has a broad understanding of digital marketing as a whole which makes him a valuable adviser that his clients and other professionals trust and respect.

Jan Roos

Owner, Expert Engines Advertising

Shortcut Your Way To the Top of Google

The techniques we’ll go over have helped me rank hundreds of webpages on the first page of Google. One tip alone is going to save you $500 EVERY YEAR so the course literally pays for itself. Here are the main topics that are covered in the course:

  1. Understanding how Google really works
  2. The Top 5 Factors that Google uses to rank websites
  3. How to perform keyword research
  4. How to perform on-site SEO
  5. Creating your Schema Markup
  6. Creating a blog post that Google will love
  7. Getting high powered links to your website

This is an online course that will be taught live on Monday, May 16th starting at 5pm. The course will include a recording of the live webinar, video tutorials covering each topic, PDFs, Templates, and Checklists to help you go through each aspect of the training.

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There is only one course scheduled this year so don’t miss out – sign up today!

If you miss this group course the only way to get the information is to sign up for an individual consultation which will be double the price.