Our Pay-Per-Click method gets you started quickly, with almost zero risk

1. Research your business

After a free 30 minute consultation we will have information about your customers, how they typically learn about your business, and identify the “hidden gems” that we can target for your pay-per-click campaign. This will save you money and make sure you get the most qualified leads coming into your system.


2. We evaluate the competition and your market

After our initial talk we take a look at your competitors, market, and possible conversion rates to get a read on the results you can expect with our lead generation system. All of our data is provided by Google and Facebook so you know we are dealing with actual statistics.


3. Map out your Return On Investment

Sometimes our research will indicate that PPC is not good for you. In that case we usually recommend an SEO strategy. We only move forward with a PPC Lead Generation Campaign if our research phase suggests we can expect a 3-5x return on investment. If that is the case, you will receive a formal proposal with these details. It is not uncommon for our clients to begin getting new leads within the first week of implementing our process.


4. Continue to grow and scale

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a lot like training for a road race. Once we are setup with a winning campaign we can then make minor adjustments every month to get you stronger and stronger so you see your money coming back to you more quickly. We continue to test, optimize and improve so that your PPC campaign is a real winner.


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