penguin attack bradford crabtree

Penguin attacks can be deadly for your website. Most of them do not come in the form of the ferocious flightless bird you see above. The majority of penguin attacks on the internet have to do with over-optimization.

Over-optimization on your website is when you use the same keyword over and over again (keyword stuffing) or if all the links to your website use the same keyword in the anchor text. If Google or the other search engines see these signs – beware! You may be heading for a penguin attack much worse than the fellow above.

The best way to get out of a penguin attack is to avoid it all-together by making sure websites that link to your website are using your brand name (my business) or a naked url ( This is the safest way and most conservative way for you to build links to your website.

If you have already been attacked by a penguin, do not fear – there is hope! You simply need a way to get more branded or naked URL links to your website so that the density of the exact match anchor text of your links will be lower. Did I lose you there?

Find out a quick way to get links that just say “brand name” as the anchor text. One method is to have a post with a link to your website go viral on a social media platform.

For fun, here are a few more attacks to brighten up your Monday!


funky hoppy penguins


SEO penguin attack