What would I think of your company if I saw your website?

Today, people judge companies based off their websites and online presence. If your site looks old and outdated people assume the same thing about your company.

That’s why most professional contractors are spending more money in 2014 on their websites and online marketing (Construction Marketing Association).

You know the internet can be a great tool for growing your business but you don’t know where to start.

In this post we’re going to give the blueprint for online contractor marketing.

These are the basics that you need to nail down in order to be successful in generating your own leads online.

  1. Get found on Google
  2. Promote online reviews
  3. Have a mobile website
  4. Use calls to action
  5. Have a blog

1. Get found on Google

Businesses use SEO (search engine optimization) to get found on Google.

As a contractor, you want your company to show up for certain keywords. The keywords could be:

  • best home builder in CITY, STATE or
  • bathroom renovation company in CITY, STATE
    • A good rule of thumb is the more specific your keywords, the better.


      Getting your company to show up #1 for a keyword depends on a number of different factors (over 200), but the basics are:

      • On-site SEO (keywords on your website)
      • Links (other websites pointing to your site)
      • Content (blog posts)
        • These three areas are the keys to showing up high on Google search results.

          Check out this post for more information on contractor SEO.

          2. Have lots of online reviews

          Once your prospects find you online, they’ll try to see if you’re trustworthy.

          If someone finds your company just off a Google search, they really don’t have a reason to trust you (and hire you) unless you give them reasons.

          The number one way to build trust online is through reviews.

          Studies have found that up to 88% of people trust online reviews (BrightLocal).

          Make sure that your reviews are visible on every page of your website. You can also encourage customers to leave you reviews on Google+ which will make the reviews viewable from the search results.

          3. Have a mobile website

          Here are some recent statistics you might find surprising:

          • 52% of search traffic is done on a mobile device.
          • 80% of local search done on a smartphone results in a sale.
            • homepage-dos-and-donts7

              No online marketing strategy is complete ithout a mobile website because the majority of people perform searches from their mobile device.

              Also, there’s evidence that mobile website will get you more phone calls which you can read about here.

              4. Use calls to action

              Most websites todays are “take it or leave it” websites.

              You read the company’s name, their services, the phone number is at the top – take it or leave it.

              That’s not enough today.

              Good marketing involves actively nudging people towards taking the next step. When someone’s on your website the next step might be to:

              • Collect an email address
              • Schedule a consultation
              • Call the company
                • Whatever your goal is – make sure your calls-to-action use large buttons and descriptive text that tells people what they should be doing next.

                  5. Have a blog

                  Most contractors don’t look forward to blogging. You’re busy enough as it is – but blogging is extremely important for your online marketing.

                  Blogging is about many things including:

                  • showing your authority in a subject
                  • moving potential customers through your sales funnel
                  • getting found on Google
                    • If you’re unsure how to begin with your blog I’ve got some suggestions for you:

                      What are the most commonly asked questions during a sale?

                      Write down the questions and objections you hear the most and write a few separate blog posts on the subject.

                      This is great strategy because you’ll then have answers for questions that your customers can research in their spare time.


                      Online marketing is about figuring out how your customers research your services and make a buying decision.

                      That process almost always begins on Google and finishes with them asking for an in-person meeting.

                      Everything in between is online marketing strategy.

                      If you can do everything well that’s been outlined in this blueprint, you’ll have a solid foundation online.