How much is your competition making from the Internet?

A 5-Minute Guide to Valuing Google’s #1 Spot

5-Minute Guide To Valuing Google's #1 Spot

You’ve never been #1 on Google so you don’t really know the flood of new business it can bring. Think about this:

How would your marketing change if you knew the #1 spot on Google was worth more than $100,000 a year for your business?

Like it or not, everyone thinks the first business on Google is the best. Which means if you’re not the first result, your prospects are heading to your competitors instead of you. So your competition is getting a lot of calls…

But how many calls? How many new customers are coming off Google?… $100k, $50k, or $25k a year…

This 5-Minute guide shows you how to quickly find the monetary value for any keyword on Google. This is possible for two key reasons:

  1. Google tells us the number of people searching for your services each month
  2. After decades of testing, we know how many people click the #1 result and how many people actually buy

Find out how much money you’re leaving on the table.

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