billboard for kinja dixon radio showYesterday, I was honored to talk with Kinja Dixon on his radio show Universal Talk Laws. Kinja is most famous for being designated the #1 Salesperson in the World. He received this designation after winning BOTH the Gold Stevie Award as top sales executive of the year and the American Resort Development Award for Top Inhouse Executive in 2013. It has never been done before in history.

Kinja and I met at a networking event hosted by Kate Gaffin: Connecting to Greatness. We were able to speak after the event and we agreed to a future meeting so we could speak about sales and – my favorite topic – SEO. Kinja is an extraordinary human being. He is one of the rare people that inspire you to do greater things with your life after meeting them.

I was surprised but deeply honored when I received a call from Kinja a few days later asking to appear on his radio show. You can find the show notes to the show at this link: Universal Talk Laws Radio.

During the interview we speak about my history with entrepreneurship and why I feel that search engine optimization is the greatest value for any business website. We also go through some useful tips that anyone can use to improve their ranking on search engines. The interview is packed solid with actionable content so I hope you enjoy!