00:00 – Quick video summary

Hey guys, in this quick video you’re going to see how I do my keyword and competitor research right off the bat. This is a process that I’ve been refining over the last few years, and in it you’re going to be able figure out:

  1. who your largest competitors are
  2. exactly how much traffic they’re getting to their websites
  3. how valuable that traffic is – literally how much you’d have to spend on average every month to get that traffic
  4. Find out their biggest keywords
  5. Really look at your competitors, figure out what are the keywords that they’re ranking for that’s really driving the business growth with SEO for them

Those are all things we’re going to cover in this video, so stay tuned.

00:41 – Example niche: asset based lending SEO analysis

Last week, I put together this analysis on a company. They were in the asset-based lending space. And I found out that one of their keywords was hard money loans NJ. We’re just going to use this as an example, just to show you sort of what this looks like.


First of all, you’ll notice that when I go to Google and I type in a specific keyword, you’re going to see search volume show up over here, and the reason is because I’m using a special plug-in that gives me that information. SEO’s, we use a ton of tools to just get more insights about search engines.

01:17 – Analyzing your keywords

What I want to do here is figure out, okay, this is a keyword that gets searched about 170 times a month, which is pretty good. Cost per click is $14. So if you see a cost per click that’s high, that’s a really strong indication that there’s buying intent. When it’s a money keyword, I’m looking for a keyword that has a high cost per click.

01:39 – Finding your competitors

Let’s just figure out who are the companies, the websites, that are ranking here. So top three, I see BiggerPockets.com. I can just open them up on a new tab, let me just back up so I can get them on a new tab. And then I see Abl1.net, which shows up twice, and then I’m seeing Trulia.


If you’re in the real estate niche or personal investing niche, or personal real estate investing niche, you’ve heard about BiggerPockets, they’re like this giant educational platform. Abl1, however, is just a local, or a regional hard money lender, and then Trulia is also just like a national company.


Now that I have an idea of like, okay, well these are the websites that are related to this keyword. Here we have BiggerPockets, here we have Abl1, and then over here we’ve got Trulia. What I want to then do, is throw them into some SEO tools.

02:45 – one of my favorite SEO tools

One of the tools that I use is SEMrush. I love SEMrush because they give us some really important keyword data. There are other tools that are better for finding back links, but in terms of finding keywords, I think SEMrush is the best one out there.


Let me just login really quickly. And what I’m going to do is, put in each of these different websites into SEMrush so you can get an idea of some of the information that we take a look at. Now this is again just like the very first thing that I do whenever I’m learning about the keyword, or learning about a website and the space, to try to figure out how big is this keyword, how big are the sites in here? So I go to BiggerPockets, I go to organic research over here. And right over here you can see, as soon as this thing pulls up, that BiggerPockets, it ranks for 454,000 keywords. The traffic that they’re estimating that they’re getting is 372,000 hits a month. And this is what’s really awesome, is that if you wanted to pay Google AdWords for that traffic, you’d be paying $1.6 million every single month.


Now this is what’s fascinating about SEO is that, when done right, when executed properly, you can get free traffic that it would just wipe out your entire marketing budget if you were going to spend on Google AdWords for that traffic. Now think about it, what type of company can afford to spend $1.6 million to get traffic to their site every single month? Like it’s going to be a gigantic site, but they’re getting this for free, which is pretty amazing. And what we can do is we can literally just take a look at all the different keywords that they rank for.


You’d want to do some filters to get rid of the branded searches and things like that, but this is just to start off, how I would get an idea of what are some of the major keywords.

04:49 – finding your SEO strategy

Now Abl1.net, since this a local player, or a regional player, this is probably going to give us a little bit more valuable information about the keywords we can target, because this is something that … I mean look, BiggerPockets, that’s a giant site. Abl1, this is a site that’s a little bit more doable, in terms of being able to replicate some of their results in a one to two year timeframe.


What we’re seeing for this company is that they’re ranking from 1,100 keywords. Traffic is about 1,600 hits a month. It’s actually kind of lower than I thought. And if you were going to pay Google for that traffic, you’d be paying them $21,600 a month. It’s huge.


These are the keywords that they rank for. They rank for asset-based lending, hard money loan calculator, and then hard money lenders NJ. And you go through hard money lenders NYC, and what happens is we can get an idea of like, okay, here are some of the keywords that they rank for, and here are some of the keywords that are really driving the traffic to their website. And what this tool also allows us to do, is actually take a look at the specific pages that they have, that rank for the keywords.


Again, this is really just the preliminary research that we do on a company, but I really think that this type of process is something that everybody who has a website, should be doing. Everybody who’s interested in SEO and interested in writing for different keywords, you really should get familiar with SEMrush. Google different things, look at the tools and try to figure out what’s at stake here? How much traffic really are these people getting? And then the big real key thing, is to match the keywords with the different pages that rank for the keywords, because that’s what the strategy is. Figuring out what’s your keyword, and then what page are you going to marry that keyword to?


So anyway, I hope this has been a helpful video for you. If you’re ever interested in getting this type of analysis for yourself, you can just go to my website, click on “get pricing“, it’s our main call to action. Fill out the form and I’d be happy to provide a really in depth analysis. This was really only the first part, I wanted to keep this kind of simple for you guys. But anyway, hope you enjoyed. Thanks