Let’s face it, most SEO companies suck.

They call you tirelessly. The emails never end. And if you hire them, they’ll promise the world but deliver very little.

At Bradford & Crabtree we stand firmly against everything slimy and gross about the SEO industry. Here’s how we’re different:


Complete transparency

Most SEO companies will not tell you what they are doing to your website. The few that do will try to make it sound so technical that they confuse you into agreeing to their tactics. Not us. We have a detailed project management portal that lets our clients know exactly what we’re doing to improve their rankings. There is complete transparency and tons of communication. After working with us for a few months you will know so much about SEO that you could decide to build your own in-house team if you wanted.


No long-term contracts

We don’t lock any of our clients in long-term contracts. If you don’t like the work we’re doing or are unhappy with the results you can cancel at any time without penalty.


No black hat tactics

“Black hat” tactics are tricks designs to fool search engines in the short term but almost always result in loss of rankings down the line. Many tactics that were considered “industry best practice” three years ago are now “black hat” and dangerous.

Search engines get updated regularly and we are constantly changing with them. We are always increasing our SEO knowledge and updating our practices to ensure our clients benefit from the most effective and safest SEO knowledge available. The degree of flexibility we have with our methods is one of the reasons why we offer better service than larger competitors. It is simply impossible for a large SEO company with hundreds of clients to adjust as quickly as we can.