Currently, there are over 313 million active monthly Twitter users across the world and this is an audience that a business cannot afford to miss. It is possible for businesses and individuals to open up new networking opportunities and benefit from low-cost marketing on Twitter. The social media platform can be used to get feedback from customers or spread news about a particular product offering. In fact, Twitter is only second to Facebook when it comes to the most used social media platforms despite the fact that it has only been available for less than a decade.

It is estimated that the site generates more than 400 million tweets on a daily basis. The tweets are seen by more than 50% of the users and that is why it is a perfect platform for businesses that want to grow on internet. The micro-blogging site provides users with an opportunity to follow businesses of their choice. Twitter can be a useful marketing platform for current and potential customers that have a Twitter account.

Also, Twitter has emerged as one of the most effective communication channels that can be used to complement other official communication channels that are normally used by businesses.

Twitter is good for businesses, but it is not for all businesses – it requires monitoring, resourcing, and planning.

Are you planning to use Twitter as a platform to grow your business or wondering how to promote business on twitter?

Here are few different ways to help your business succeed using Twitter;

Building a Customer Community

It is possible to create a community of both potential and current customers using Twitter. A business can create a strong relationship with its customers by regularly tweeting about relevant topics.

It is advisable to find a topic that attracts the interest of customers as a way of encouraging your customer base to engage in the discussion. Such online discussions on a platform like Twitter helps businesses to understand their customers and at the same time gain recognition.

To succeed on Twitter, we must remember that It is difficult to build a strong relationship with customers without engaging with them in a meaningful discussion about your business.

Building Brand Authority

Twitter is perfect platform for you to demonstrate your expertise and at the same time share your knowledge with current and potential customers.

By doing this, one improves their business’s reputation as an authority in the industry, thereby gaining the trust of your customers.

Other than sharing content related to your expertise, you can also help grow your brand’s popularity by responding to customer queries on Twitter.

Gaining valuable Customer Information

As mentioned earlier, starting a conversation on Twitter is one way of getting valuable information including of ideas, and tips through customer contributions to various discussions.

Your business can get the much-needed inspiration from appreciation and some of the concerns raised by customers on the platform.

Twitter is also a perfect platform to network with other professionals and learn about your competitors’ business strategies.  

Therefore, it is always a good idea to go through customer views or feedback as they are a rich source of information that can help in taking your business to the next level.

Brand Promotion

The internet presents many opportunities for businesses to create meaningful relationships with potential suppliers, distributors, and partners.

Therefore, it is important for any serious business to be active on online platforms like Twitter in order to increase theirchances of creating some meaningful relationships.

You can also look out for sponsorship from other synergistic businesses that seem to attract your customers as a way of growing your business.

Twitter provides a good opportunity for you to promote your brand by creating such meaningful relationships.

Communicating to Customers

Twitter is an effective platform for businesses to communicate important information to their customers and at the same time provide regular updates to followers.

In addition, customers also get an opportunity to communicate with you about different matters that may be of concern to you.

For instance, cinemas can use Twitter to inform customers about new movie releases, converse with patrons, and at the same time retweet interesting tweets from movie experts and buffs.

Customers require regular updates from a business and Twitter can be such an effective platform for updates. In addition,Twitter can also be a perfect platform for customer service.

Generation of Leads

Your followers can be encouraged to inquire about your products when you form a habit of tweeting about new products and special offers.

It is important to understand that all your Twitter followers are potential customers and one can increase their sales depending on how they advertise their products or services on Twitter.

Businesses can use their Twitter accounts as a platform for generating leads.

Promoting your Brand’s Personality

You can liven up your image by portraying yourself in positive light through social media platforms such as Twitter. Followers can get a good sense of you business when you tweet about your brand’s personality as well the key people associated with your brand.

Through your Tweets, followers can have an in-depth understand of your business beyond the product offering.

For instance, a company can use good sense of humor to announce new products, promote events, or share interesting links to interesting resources via Twitter.

Researching Business Trends

Business people who are not active on Twitter can also use Twitter to understand Business Trends. They should know that it is possible to use Twitter without tweeting.

You get some useful insights about the current trends and topics by simply following and searching tweets. It is possible to find current conversations on Twitter and at the same time learn something that can help you improve your business.

Twitter has the power to transform a struggling business into a successful business. Twitter allows businesses to communicate with customers, gain useful insights from conversations, and generate important leads. Twitter has millions of users around the world that are potential customers for any business and companies that use Twitter in a strategic manner have been able to increase their sales.

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