You don’t sell cupcakes. 

You work on someone’s house or place of business.

It makes sense that your website design should be different from other company websites. Sadly, most service businesses get this wrong. They get a “standard website package” thinking all websites are the same.

Mistake colossal. 

Customers put a high level of trust in you. They need you in emergencies. So your website must communicate different messages than other websites.

Most businesses in your space are doing this wrong. Truth is, you probably are too.

Having the wrong design means less phone calls and leads from your website regardless of how much you spend on PPC or SEO. Bad design can leave you feeling frustrated and thinking that online marketing is some big hoax.

What makes great website design for a service business?

Here are the 5 Website Design Must Haves for a Service Business:

  1. Headline with fullscreen eye catching image
  2. Correctly sized logo
  3. No stock images and flash animation
  4. No walls of text that no one will read
  5. Calls to action so people will know where to call you

Headline with fullscreen eye catching image

You’re a window company, a homebuilder, an HVAC contractor, an electrical contractor, a plumber, a window company, or general contractor. There are tons of people in your area who offer the exact same services you do. 

So your first challenge is to explain how you’re different from the competition.

Design can communicate this very easily. A picture tells a thousands words. Images grab people’s attention, so you can use them to draw your potential customers in and also explain what you offer.

Directly on top of your image should be a headline that is impossible to ignore. With very clear language it should explain:

  1. What you offer
  2. How you’re different

People won’t give you their attention for long online, so this main image and headline should be the absolute first thing you show people with your website.

Here’s an example of a roofing company using their website design to do this well:

image example

Correctly sized logo

Most likely, your logo is about 3 times the size it needs to be on your website. 

I know branding is important, but there’s a time and a place for it. The time is not the second people land on your site.

Your main goal online is to keep people interested long enough to know how your business can help them.

Only AFTER people think you can help them will they be interested in who you are.

Calls to action

Your calls to action are what actually gets you phone calls and leads. 

They’re the buttons that say call us now, schedule an appointment, contact us today.

CTAs must stand out.

The easiest way to make your calls to action stand out is by making them a different color than the rest of your site and putting them in highly visible positions.

For example, where do you think GoToMeeting wants you to click?


No stock photos or flash animation

People judge you based on the design of your website. And there’s nothing more amateur than cheesy stock photography or flash animation that looks like it was created 10 years ago.

This is about building credibility through website design. 

The trouble with most stock photography is that people know fake when they see it. If you have a picture of a girl on the phone (the same photo that’s used in 100,000 other websites) people will think that everything else in your website is false as well.

Flash animation may have seemed like a great idea a few years ago but now it looks dated. Also, not all devices support flash technology.

These days we want our websites to be visible on smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers. So ditch the flash animations.


No walls of text

Everyone you do business with (or would like to do business with) is busy today.

They’re busy with every problem imaginable and the only reason they’re on your website is because of that massive problem they can’t afford to ignore any longer!

When they see your website, they are going to skim it.

Make it easy for them to read the info on your website by not crowding them with a “wall of text”.

Instead, keep things simple and give people the option to read more if they choose to.



The best website design isn’t the design that looks the best. It’s the one that actually gets you leads.

If you follow the advice in this post you’ll be ahead of most your competition. But everything online is about testing. 

Try different images, test out different calls to action, play around with your headlines. That’s how you really get the most value out of your website.