How long do people stay on your website?

The average visitor will spend 10-20 seconds, which is not long enough to make a sale. Heck, it’s not really enough time to even make an impression.

You have to grab attention online. If you can’t, you’re going to wind up with a website that does nothing for your business. It won’t get you leads, it won’t build your brand – it’ll just cost you money.

Luckily – there is hope! 

There are proven techniques you can use to grab people’s attention and get them to spend more time on your website. You’ll improve website performance and increase page views. Most importantly, you’ll get more leads.

Here are the 5 ways to keep people on your website longer:

  1. Have a clear unique selling proposition
  2. Clean design and navigation
  3. Mix it up with video, audio, and images
  4. Website must be scannable
  5. Use calls to action

Have a clear unique selling proposition

A “unique selling proposition” is just marketing mumbo jumbo that answers these two questions:

  • What’s in it for them?
  • How are you different?

It’s important that you know exactly what makes your business different from your competition and that you can state it clearly to everyone who comes to your website.

For example, what do you think this website is about?:


Grab Attention Online with Headlines

Pretty clear, right?

Whatever your unique selling proposition is, it’s important that you communicate it IMMEDIATELY and CLEARLY on your website.

The best way to demonstrate your unique selling proposition is with a headline that jumps off the page of your website.

Check out this video to learn more about headlines: Awesome Video About Headlines

Clean design and navigation

We live in an age where people judge your business based on how your website looks. 

People make these decisions within a split second.

If your website hasn’t been updated in the last five years, you’re probably coming across as sloppy, behind the times, or unprofessional. No business owner wants that.

On the other hand, a great looking website will automatically make someone trust your business more. This makes it much more likely that they’ll feel comfortable giving you a sales lead.

The same is true of your website navigation. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to find the information they want on your website.

As Andy Crestodina points out – get rid of those website drop-down menus they just make it confusing (and don’t help you with Google).


Drop Downs Bad – from Kissmetrics

Mix it up with Video, Audio, and Images

Multimedia tends to hold people’s attention longer. A lot of people don’t have time to read an article that is pages long – but those same people might press play on a video or audio file.

So try out some different formats on your website:

  • Video clips
  • Slide show presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Image galleries

What’s important here is that you measure the impact of the multimedia by looking at your website analytics. See if video on your site really does move the needle for you.

Website Must be Scannable

People read in a very specific way online – they scan.

Once you understand this you can design your website to be quickly read. 

  • Use headlines
  • Bold, underline, and italicize different parts of your site
  • Use quotes to make certain messages stand out
  • Add bullet points

Also, keep paragraphs short and to the point. The internet is not a biology textbook. No one will sit down for hours to inspect what you have your website.

So make it easy to understand what you have to offer.


Call to Action Examples

Use Calls to Action

When someone gets to the end of a page on your website you should always ask them to do something.

That something could be:

  • Read another blog post
  • Check out a free video
  • Contact you for a free consultation

Maybe you should experiment with all three.

But whatever you decide, you need to push people in some direction. Otherwise, they will just leave your website and you won’t increase page views.

Gently nudge people in the direction you want online. If they’re interested in your service, they’ll thank you – because you’re making it easier for them to learn more.

(Eric Siu talks about these last three points in this article: Click here)

Wrapping Up

If people are leaving your site after 10 seconds you really don’t have a chance to get a lead with your website. This is a problem most business owners have with their websites but sadly, most won’t do anything about it. They’ll just continue to waste their money online.

To stop that from happening you need to grab attention and keep it.

The techniques we described are sure to help you. Try a few out – and most importantly – measure the impact of your changes with website analytics. Know where you stand today so you can see if your work has paid off.

Grabbing visitor’s attention is tough business, but highly rewarding.

Happy Hunting!