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How Stephen Preziosi got an additional $150k worth of business within 4 months of working with us.

Bernardo Faria, Owner,, Bernardo Faria Academy

Mike, I just want to thank you for your relentless drive for perfection. Your tunnel vision to detail, Superior knowledge of your services. Mike I thank you for all you have done for my family. Wm Archer & Sons “Archer Plumbing”. You and your team are a class act a pleasure to work with. Being in business for 50 years I haven’t seen someone with the dedication to accomplish what we have. You my friend Will, because of your relentless pursuit of customer service, hard work and perfection. Thank you John Archer

Owner, Archer Plumbing


You are awesome!  I will continue to rave about your work.  I just booked a gig for $1k today.  Asked the client how they heard about us and she said ” just googled chair massage and you came up” lol.. Thanks again! Jose Rosario

Owner, Selah Bodyworks (healthcare company)

Michael is an extremely driven SEO expert. I’m impressed by the work that he does and the results he’s been able to bring us. It’s hard to find good SEO experts out there that actually bring results. I definitely recommend working with Michael. Pascal Wagner

Owner, (marketing company)

Zapporah Yamamoto explains how All Japan Tours got 200% increase in traffic, 3x the leads, and 3x their overall business revenue.
Daris Wilson explains how he got 8 new customers ($8,800 revenue) off of $400 ad spend.
If you are fortunate enough to be introduced to Michael to assist with your Web site rankings and positioning, look no further. Michael is a trusted partner, an expert in the field and someone who will make a difference in a very important part of your business. Robert Cohen

CEO, Pop Technologies (IT Company)

As a small business owner, who I choose to work with is a critical decision. Michael was highly recommended by someone I trust which is why I decided to reach out and ask for a quote. Within a few minutes of talking to Michael, I knew working with him wouldn’t be a chore but an absolute blessing! He was the first marketing professional that truly listened to my needs and concerns and was able to offer very constructive advice. Randi Smaldone

Owner, TRAK Communications (telecom company)

Michael and the whole Bradford & Crabtree family have been a quintessential part of my companies growth. Hiring Michael to take the reigns of the marketing front in my company has been a catalyst to success. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in growing there business. From search engine optimization to website design, he has it covered! Andrew Piccolino

Owner, Arista Construction

Complete transparency

Ever wonder why most SEO companies won’t show their work?

Search engine optimization is one of the most complex and quickly changing fields in Internet marketing today. Google has more than 1,500 PhDs working on its search algorithm every day and, because of this, many of the old SEO techniques are no longer effective. Companies that have not adapted are using spammy old techniques that they’re embarrassed to show clients… so they don’t.

At Bradford & Crabtree, we employ a mix of white hat and grey hat (only if you want) techniques that have long-term positive effects on your search rankings. We tirelessly test our methods on partner websites so we can stay up-to-date on which SEO techniques work right now and we’ll show you everything we do.

Google domination

We can rank your website, social media pages, and YouTube videos on Google – this doubles or triples your chance of getting online leads. When a potential customer searches for your services and sees your company showing up multiple times it becomes a very easy decision for them.

No long-term contracts

Unlike larger companies that make you sign 12 month agreements, we provide month-to-month contracts. We believe in getting our customers results. You don’t like how things have turned out? You can cancel at any time.

Stay ahead of the curve

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are constantly changing. We get a jump on these changes by participating in elite SEO masterminds and cultivating our network of SEO professionals. That means we stay ahead of the curve and we make sure that you’re always positioned above the competition. All of our work is done in-house.

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Your SEO Report Card

Get a lightening fast report card on your website's SEO. Many people have simple mistakes on their website that stop search engines from even crawling their website. Use this free tool to see if anything is holding your website back.

SEO Hiring Checklist

Hiring an SEO can be complicated. This checklist gives you an easy method for finding the right company and avoiding the scammers.

Your Keyword Workbook

This workbook shows you how to identify your target keywords and see how many people are searching them each month. Use it to find out how much your company could benefit from first page placement.

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Dear Business Owner,

Why isn’t your phone ringing non-stop from potential new customers?

Did you realize that there are probably thousands of your ideal customers looking for your services right now on Google?

The reason you’re not winning that new business is because Google is a winner-take-all game. Almost all of the people searching for your services online will stop at the first page of Google. So if you’re not on the first page – and ideally, somewhere at the top – you might as well be invisible.

Search engine optimization can be a tremendous boon to your business but only if you have the right NJ SEO expert behind you. The best search engines in the world are also some of the most profitable businesses in the world today. For this reason, they have the smartest minds working day and night to make their search engines better. If you wind up working with some cheap SEO service, you’re probably not going to see much of an improvement to your search rankings.

As my colleagues like to say, “there is nothing more expensive than a cheap marketer”. For internet search marketing you need professionals who are operating at the top of their game and constantly improving their craft. That’s what we stand for at Bradford & Crabtree. Contact us today through our Pricing Form to find out if we should work together. I look forward to helping your propel your business with the power of search engine optimization.

To your success,

Michael Tesalona

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